Antwerp city hall

Competition entry for the Antwerp city hall with Callebaut Architecten and Deerns.

Design team: Sander Laureys, Gosia Olchowska, Marius Grootveld, Reinaart Vandersloten, Bram Van den Brande en Christopher Permain

City hall of Antwerp.

A series of interventions related to the section: arched vaults on the ground floor, large furniture pieces on the first floor and a roof landscape in the attic.

The city shop in the plinth.
Showcases allow more transparency.

Isometric of the hall with the reception desk at the left side and centrally the staircase to the "Schoon Verdiep"

Pivoting doors.

Entry with pivoting doors.

The new cafeteria, a multifunctional space with view through the Suikerrui. A vivid space under the newly built arches.

The boardroom with it's new interior design: everyone sits in the same piece of furniture.

The boardroom: impression

Extraction of the air behind a hidden grid above the door to the lecture hall.

The toilet block: women downstairs and men on the mezzanine.

The historical situation without staircase.

The newly designed staircase, arose from the paneling, as a smooth walk up.

Isometric design of the second floor: a series of 3 newly built skylights.

The elongated skylight at the staircase.

The principle of the roof light design: lasercut steel carries fireproofed glass.

Existing condition.

The large skylight: a flattened cassette ceiling with view through to the historical roof structure.

View of the monumental attic.

A museum like room with a spectacular climb to the campanile.

View from the second floor on the panoramic balcony at the foot of the campanile.

View of the double, centrally located, skylight.

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