Child care and shelter in Zwijndrecht

Open CallĀ competitionĀ for childcare, shelter and landscaping in Zwijndrecht

Design: Dirk Somers, Gosia Olchowska, Eline Aerts, William Burgess and Matilde Everaert

in collaboration with Lint Landscape Interventions

The concept of our design is a building dat grows together with the program.

The wavelike roof that facilitates the transition from a smaller to a bigger scale. Section

The heart of the building block is organized by a fluid "between figure".

The warehouse

The childcare

The meeting rooms

Site plan

A flexible plan

Wooden facades hidden under a protecting roof

View of the larger dining room with the staircase to the mezzanine in the back

View of the third living room

terug naar bovenbouw back to bovenbouw