Family house in Brussels


Family house in Brussels

Designteam: Dirk Somers, Nicolas de Paepe, Carole Boeckx, Sander Laureys, Marius Grootveld and Nuño Zapata

The building typology is something between a building with an industrial character and a civilian residence, both building types characteristic of the neighborhood.

The passive house gives high-quality urban living a place in a dirty corner of Brussels' city center. On a very shallow plot between high apartment buildings, the house offers a quality living solution.




The bay window marks the entrance and hierarchizes the façade composition. In this way it forms a reference to the characteristic architecture from the environment, without being historicizing.

The main component of the building is red-brown brick, cross-masonry in an alternation of colorlessly glazed and non-glazed bricks.

Lintels and sills are made of pigmented and polished concrete that matches the brickwork in terms of color.

The difficult shape of the plot ensures an eccentric position of the stairs in the rear. By applying rounded walls we create a smooth route from the front door.

The ground floor and the first floors are designed in such a way that they can also be rented out as a studio, after the children leave the house.

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