Home for severely disabled, Gierle


Competition entry for Gielsbos

design team: Dirk Somers, Pieter Eeckeloo, Valerie Goorden, Eline Aerts, Isabel Dedeurwaerdere

An aerial view of the care center.

Acces and surroundings of the care center.

Existing situation: individual buildings in a camouflaged setting.

New proposal: large buildings give shape to the central heath.

Typological research on existing clusters. We conclude not to reproduce another expensive cluster-like building.

Instead of spending budget on the perimeter, we prefer to spend budget on the interior. That's what matters most to severely disabled people.

Axonometric of the casco:
large structure for an open plan. All types of care can find its place in this building.

Flexibel infill of the facade.

Flexibel infill of the porch.

Patios generate multiple typological solutions.

Functioning of the building.

simulation of the infill of different entities according to the different needs of the inhabitants.

References for the interior: the abundance of the infill refers to the homely.

References for the interior: treatment of light.

References for the interior: texture and materiality.

The garden as a place for experiencing.

We use William Morris' wallpaper series to simulate the different characters of every care unit within the buidling.


Pictures of the simulated infill showing the different entities designed in function of the specific needs.

View of the large single story buildings around a central heath.
Image by Sannah Belzer.

Image by Sannah Belzer.

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