Hopmarkt square in Asse


First Prize in a competition for Hopmarkt NV and the municipality of Asse

Design team: Dirk Somers, Isabel Dedeurwaerdere, Erik Wieërs, Eline Aerts, Merijn Muller, Sidse Hald, Pieter Eeckeloo, JPLX en Grontmij

PPP for the new Hopmarkt in the city centre of Asse, near Brussels.
The new Hopmarkt infill consists of a new town square, 8000m2 of retail, about 100 dwelling units and a large underground parking garage.

3 squares: one around the church, one in front of the city hall, and a new one in between both.

The program is divided into 6 building parts: 4 edges that divide the building block into 4 smaller blocks, and 2 central figures with a more autonomous character.
This setup reflects the urban scenery of Asse, where autonomous elements provide identity to each square.

Ground floor with retail spaces

First floor with apartments

Second floor

Third floor

Fourth floor

Roof top

Section through the square

Section through the square

View of the new square

View of the new square

View of the new square

View of the new square

Model image of the central building with an edge building

Detail of the model

Composition of materials

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