Design for a competition for the reconversion of the Paterssite, Sint-Niklaas, in collaboration with Monadnock, Sweco and Joris Minne Landscape architect.

Design team: Dirk Somers, Marius Grootveld, Matilde Everaert, Axel Chevroulet and Mayuri Paranthahan.

The site as a convent garden in the centre of Sint-Niklaas.

Continuous tiling connects sidewalks, church and garden.

A multifunctional church.

A flea market in the church: the lowered church floor improves the accessibility.

The multifunctional church with different functions.

Yoga class in the central space with view on the small aedicule that contains a cloakroom, storage and bar.

The large aedicule with stage, elevator and a meeting room on the first floor in painted multiplex.

Section of the cloister wall.

The garden design by Jan Minne.

De elevated border around the courtyard.

Living around a garden.
Galleries on the second floor.

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