Pius X School, Antwerp


Competition design

design team:

Dirk Somers, Wim Boesten, Sidse Hald, Eline Aerts

A school campus in the south of Antwerp. Along the boulevard a school extension is planned.

The existing situation: the outdoor space as a leftover.

The proposed scheme: outdoor spaces as half open rooms.

The new footprint: the building steps back from the building linein the middle.

An impression from the boulevard: the setback marks the entrance. Some old trees can be kept.


Ground floor plan, with the sports hall deepened.

a view from the street through the sports hall onto the playground and the kindergarten

a view from the entrance lobby onto the sports hall

Ground floor plan of the kindergarten. A skywalk connects the kindergarten to the school.

A view from beneath the skywalk with the kindergarten on the right.

a view from the roof of the kindergarten

Second floor plan. On every floor two clusters of three classrooms share a communal space.

communal space

longitudinal section

street elevation

Image of the facade with concrete framing. Large blocks of brickwork scale the building down.

diagonal perspective through the campus

terug naar bovenbouw back to bovenbouw