Rubens site, Antwerp


Design for Open Call contest commissioned by the city of Antwerp

Designteam: Dirk Somers, Carole Boeckx, Axel Chevroulet, Vera Bannwart, Sander Laureys, Tobias Puhlmann and Odair Nelson Fortes.

In collaboration with Landinzicht, landscape architects, and Callebaut Architects.

A visitor center requires a clear organization. The reorganisation of the Wapper square allows for a free view of the Rubens House and smooth routing for larger visitor numbers.

The Rubens House provides a nod in the longitudinal axis.

The place in front of the Rubens House allows groups to organize themselves.

To the right of the studio: the clearly recognizable access.

The story about Rubens is organized around the garden. This makes the most original part of the site, the central perspective, the central player.

We are building a new building on Hopland over 4 floors. The building, which follows a clear Palladian scheme, houses a the reception desk and various exhibition spaces.

The reception desk where tourists buy their tickets, and then enter the garden through a second portal.

The double spiral staircase between the second and third floors: a touch of Vredeman De Vries. Granito floors, stair cheeks made of wood and marble for the finishing of the ends.

The palazzo on Hopland with trompe-l'oeil façade in natural stone. Perspective and trompe-l'oeuil were vivid themes at the time of Rubens.

The bent façade of the Rubenianum embraces the garden and fits well into the Kolveniershof.

The false perspective of the façade of the Rubenianum in a combination of polished concrete and marble.

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