Technical school in Hamme


Competition entry for ‘Scholen van Morgen’

Design team: Dirk Somers, Merijn Muller, Christopher Permain, Wim Boesten

The technical school of Hamme: a building block composed of characteristic typologies.

The technical school campus: different generations of utilitarian architecture.

2 basic figures recur: the pitched roof hangar and the flat roof brutalist structure.

A formal masterplan for the campus: resumption of the basic figures in order to house new program.

Left: masterplan first phase. Right: masterplan second phase.

First phase masterplan.

Second phase masterplan.

A technical building for a technical school: prefab concrete structure, wooden infill walls and a facing brick cladding.

Left: passive wall section for offices. Right: low energy wall section for atelier.

A rigid structure and a frivolous infill. A steady rythm of concrete beams and afree infill of partition walls.

Existing facades: rythm, structure and materiality.

A new facade as an expression of the overclad construction.

Bicycle shed and administration building along the street.

Existing situation along the street.

View from the street onto the new bicycle shed and the administration building.

Plan of the bicycle shed and the administration building.

Administration building: ground floor.

Administration building: first floor.

Siamese stairs in the administration building.

View from the ground floor interior.

Elevations of the administration building.

View of the bicycle shed and the administration building.

Extension to the refectory.

The old refectory.

Refectory with extension: ground floor.

View from the extension into the old refectory.

Refectory elevations.

New welding studios and classroom building.

The old atelier.

New welding studios and classroom building on two floors.


Campus plan.

Campus composition: view along the welding studios and the covered playground.


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