University campus, Antwerp


Competition commissioned by University of Antwerp

Design: Dirk Somers, Eline Aerts, Marius Grootveld, Gosia Olchowska, Christopher Permain

A suburban campus, with university facilities, a hospital and housing slabs. Together they make a disorderly landscape.

Two schemes for the new building:
An all-sided volume: every side has its address. To the inside, a more frayed articulation.

Clear compact footprints work well in a park-like setting.

The court typology as a binding element for the 3 new buildings on the campus.

Situating the program around an inner court.
Four cores disclose six stories.

Basic plan.

Ground floor plan.

First floor plan.

Second floor plan.

Third floor plan.

Fourth floor plan.

Fifth floor plan.

Sixth floor plan.

Longitudinal section.

Atrium fold out

Impression of the inner court.

Impression of the inner court.

Basic structure: concrete walls and floor.

Prefab wooden infill.


Facing brickwork: a translation of the overclad structure.

Technical elements structure the ceiling.

The structural composition of buildings.

Existing surrounding buildings: expressivity in flush facades.

Impression of the west facade with sunscreens.

Impression of the west facade with hospital in the background.

View onto the Groenerborgerlaan.

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