Firestation, Berendrecht


First Prize in a competition for AGVespa and Brandweer Antwerpen.

Fire Station Berendrecht in Antwerp has been nominated for the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture-Mies van der Rohe Award 2015.

Design Team: Dirk Somers, Eline Aerts, Sidse Hald

A collaboration with Abetec, Util and Passiefhuisplatform

Photography: Filip Dujardin

A new firestation somewhere north in the Antwerp harbor.

A triangular site surrounded by infrastructure on all sides.

Industrial romanticism from ‘Vers une architecture’: stacking buildings

John Körmeling. A domestic element in a hostile environment.

Idea sketch. A domestic floor on top of 2 utilitarian floors. The sports field as a corner figure.

Siteplan. A dot in a landscape of boxes.

Ground floor:
entrance, garage, atelier.

First floor:
Office and changing rooms wrapped around the garage.

The domestic level on the second floor around a patio:
living room, kitchen, fitness, outdoor sportsfield, sleeping rooms.

Section with sliding poles

Street facade: a house on top of a hangar.

Northwest facade.

Northeast facade. The outdoor sports field as a corner element.

Southeast facade

The construction: staircase in concrete blocks.

The concrete frame. Everything else will be made of wood.

Insulating wooden sandwich panels.

The living floor as a wooden frame according to passive building technique.

Wood cladding

Superposition of wood claddings

left, splitlevel staircase and sliding poles
right, facade study

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