Learning Centre Destelheide


for the ministry of the Flemish Community, Learning centre Destelheide

Design team: Dirk Somers, Isabel Dedeurwaerdere, Ana Celigoj

Photography: Filip Dujardin

Learning centre Destelheide: a brutalist campus on a slope south of Brussels.

Axonometric of 1967 by Paul Felix: a series of concrete buildings set into the slope.

One addition of service facilities on the west side of the site.

By splitting up the program in a garage and a hangar a new in between space comes into being: a terrace offering a view over the valley.

The slant requires the use of retaining walls. Retaining walls make up the building.

A stack of concrete lego blocks.

A dry stack of concrete elements.

An inverse pattern for plint and superstructure. The topography generates different proportions.

Hangar interior.

Storage for inflammable products.

A new terrace to the restaurant and a rebuilt arena.

The topography revealed in an bench and stair. Another stack of prefab elements.

View onto the valley.

The old 'amphitheatre' down the slope.

A new, lowered spaces creates a more pronounced feel.

Plan of the new arena.

Again a stack of prefab concrete elements.

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