Police station, Schoten


First prize in a competition for the municipality of Schoten.

Design team: Dirk Somers, Pieter Eeckeloo, Sarah Poot, Peter Wils, Annelien Grandry, Christophe Van Boxtel, Arcadis Belgium.

Photography by Filip Dujardin

Schoten: a commune at the edge of Antwerp with a central square.

The main road through Schoten. We propose to interpret the new police station as an intermediate figure between the central square and the parking lot of the supermarket.

The police station thus becomes the angle of a new public space. The square has the same proportions as the central market square. As its alter ego, this square is more frayed then the arched centre square.

The canopy sustains the public character of the building.

The Police station as an angle to the public space.

The parking garage for the police cars are hidden behind a wall that helps shaping the square.

The canopy functions as the alter ego of the arches in the centre.

The ground plan as a series of rooms arranged around a set of atria.

The rooms are lined up along the square, but more frayed at the back.

A sequence of rooms seen from the outside.

The facade as a tectonic stack of concrete blocks. Brass reveals and oregon windows cheer up the concrete.

Axonometric showing the monolithic interpretation of the cavity wall. The same bond is used outside and inside. The brickwork smoothens away from the square.

Open axonometric of the building.

Interior of the reception atrium.

A similar facade as to the outside. Brass is replaced by plywood.

Sections through the building.

Interior of the lunch atrium.

Interior of staircase atrium.

The other staircase.

View onto the skywalk connecting all 4 atria. A transparant yet solid building.

View of the office space: Night cooling dictates the detailing.

The studiolo: a domestic fragment in an elementary structure.

Domestic fragments in plywood, fibreboard and white.

A fragment of a panelled wall.

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