Recycling square in Antwerp-Luchtbal


Stage 4 of renovation of 5 recycling parks in Antwerp, commissioned by the city of Antwerp

Design: Dirk Somers, Merijn Muller, Reinaart Vandersloten

Photo credits: Filip Dujardin

The project of the recycling square participates in the Day of the Architecture

The recycling park is located along the axis of the new master plan.

The recycling square has a recognizable fa├žade for both visitors and people passing by.

The enfilade of concrete columns connects the dining area with the reception.

Both the reception and the dining area have large corner windows with a view over the square and the visitors.

The materialization of the building is inspired by the industrial environment: terracotta blocks, concrete plywood, pegboard and galvanized metal.

3 holes through the brickwork, of which 2 are conceived as windows, support the sight lines through the compact plan.

The kitchen

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