Regatta, Antwerp leftbank


For Vooruitzicht NV

Design team: Dirk Somers, Wim Boesten, Annelien Grandry

Masterplanning by AWG, Public space by Secchi-Vigano

Photography by Filip Dujardin

Site plan of Regatta. A housing development according to an AWG masterplan. Architecture by Bart Bomans, Bovenbouw, BuroII, Conix, HermanVervoort and META.

Site plan. Light grey parts by Bovenbouw.

An axonometric of the first phase. The masterplan proposes a mixture of urbanity and openness.

Axonometry of a house with garage.

Ground floor, phase 1. Houses with or without garage.

First floor, phase 1.

Second floor, phase 1.


A street elevation. The trapezoid site generates a broken roof line.

Different ways of expression for different conditions.


Model of a following phase.

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