Renovation of 3 eclectic buildings

First prize in a competition by AG Vespa.

Design Team: Dirk Somers, Sander Laureys, Gosia Olchowska, Henk Jan Imhoff, Carole Boeckx, Sidse Hald, Wim Boesten en Christopher Permain

In collaboration with Barbara Van Der Wee Architects.

Photography: Filip Dujardin

3 historical buildings along the Leysstraat in Antwerp

An eclectic facade: 19th century variations on style features.

Mediocre interiors.

19th century variations: chimney pieces

Bas-relief of the entry hall.


Opportunistic plan of the 2nd floor.

Visualisation of the chimney-doorway.

Bas-relief of the chimney as a doorway.

Walk trough kitchen cupboard.

A window in a chimney.

Back facade

Section of a bathroom in a former staircase.

Living room with terrace at the back side.

Study of doors

A monumental kitchen

A bed in a wooden mantelpiece.

A folding screen in a bathroom

A rooftop apartment

The new mezzanine


View into the shower-tower

terug naar bovenbouw back to bovenbouw