The recycling square is conceived as a balcony along the canal.

The offices and dressing rooms are inside the truss, on the first floor.

The containers are behind the square.

The steel triangle is carried by a couple of concrete columns. A rubber tyre as capital.

Container Park for the Canal Zone


Ground floor

First floor

The Brussels Canal Zone is a unique site with a distinct identity. The industrial character translates into a colourful mix of urban and industrial typologies. This design for a container park shows how the skilful arrangement, folding and stacking of different elements brings even the simplest materials to life. The angle between the nearby railway tracks and the canal determine the shape of the ‘recycling square’, which relates to the waterway as a kind of balcony. Lorries travel across the raised platform, while the visitor traffic circulates beneath. From the balcony, the waste is thrown into the appropriate containers below, which are hidden behind the square. The square is roofed, a triangular steel framework supported by concrete columns. Old tyres serve as capitals. The staff room is located on the first floor of the structure, thereby forming a natural observation point.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Axel Chevroulet, Wim Boesten and Mayuri Paranthahan
  • LocationAnderlecht
  • Year2016
  • ClientCity of Brussels
  • StatusCompetition