Ratio calculation sketch

By projecting step-by-step in the main street, an enigmatic and sculptural moment arises at a crucial place in the plan.

Within the façade system there is room for a multitude of outdoor spaces. There are double-, triple- and five-double height loggias of varying depths in which terraces and winter gardens can be provided.

Fibonacci Skyscraper


Site plan

In collaboration with Hild und K, we designed one of the eight landmark towers in the Secchi-Viganò master plan for the urban expansion of the ‘Nieuw Zuid’ district in Antwerp. In our quest for a monumental order, practical reflections became mingled with tectonic principles. We designed an obviously stacked urban tower that radiates architectural logic. Yet we also strove for a flexible system that would allow the developer to easily offer different types of outdoor spaces and winter gardens. The staggered corbeling over the main street creates an enigmatic and sculptural moment at a pivotal point within the master plan. The facade system is spacious enough to house a multitude of outdoor spaces. Double-height, triple and five-fold high loggias of varying depths can accommodate all manner of terraces and winter gardens.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Merijn Muller, William Burgess and Wolfram Winter
  • LocationAntwerp
  • Year2017
  • ClientTriple Living
  • StatusCompetition
  • In collaboration withHild und K Architekten