Matthis Adam, Eline Aerts, Federica Altobelli, Merijn Muller, Wim Boesten, Alba Tavares Vanhoutte, Marie van Kerckhoven,  Franky Larousselle, Sophie Lauvrys, Dirk Somers, Adrian Pagmar (student), Casper Pasveer, Nicolas De Paepe, Tobias Puhlmann, Jakub Srnka, Myrthe Geelen, Alex Turner, Valérie Van de Velde, Reinaart Vandersloten, Charlotte Vanhecke (student), Joris Willems, Eva Wollaert

Former employees

Laurids Bager (Student), Vera Bannwart, Julie Bay Johansen (student), Carole Boeckx, Sjoerd Bosch (student), Oliver Brenner (student), Rutger Brouwers, William Burgess, Benoit Busschaert (student), Brecht Casier, Axel Chevroulet, Jean-Baptiste Coulomb (student), Gaëlle Degezelle (student), Arnaud De Sutter (student), Isabel Dedeurwaerdere, Vojtech Drozen (student), Nicolas Duerinck (student), Matilde Everaert, Thomas Faes (student), Odair Nelson Fortes (student), Marius Grootveld, Sidse Hald, Jana Hlavova (student), Elke Hoendervangers, Henk Jan Imhoff, Sam Lanckriet, Sander Laureys, Daan Mol, Joni Nieuwenhuysen, Gosia Olchowska, Mayuri Paranthahan (student), Christopher Permain, Amélie Pretsch (student), Ciaran Scannell, Markus Stolz, Wim Vandemeirssche, Bram Van den Brande, Eline Verhoeven, Wolfram Winter, Nuno Zapata

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Technical design

Bovenbouw is a young Belgian office, based in Antwerp. Dirk Somers, professor, manager and head designer leads a team of 18 talented European architects.

Bovenbouw’s work is characterized by an open minded and untimely approach to design, fully freed from the compulsive desire to be avant-garde. Paradoxically, Bovenbouw does not reject the notion of style. Bovenbouw tries to reinvent a style specific to every situation. This quest for style can be understood in a true classical sense, bringing together old and new ideas in an interesting blend of the everyday and the everlasting.

Bovenbouw’s work has already been shown at various exhibitions in Venice, Munich, Mendrisio, Aachen, London and Antwerp.