Detail of the cut industrial brick

Chimney for an Exhibition


Execution drawings

Exhibition space layout

In the Architecture and Crafts exhibition “Ensembles” at de Singel this fireplace functioned as an eye-¬≠catcher. Fascinated by the visible application of raw building materials, we went in search of a contemporary expression of craftsmanship and beauty. We took large-scale blocks designed for speed building (a time-saving product devised to cut costs) and created a structure that presented them as a desirable product with a unique aesthetic. By splitting and glueing the blocks together, a decorative pattern was created on the outside. The interior of the fireplace was a virtuoso display of cut brickwork, the segmented pattern of which resembled large ceramic tiles due to its smoothness.

  • Design teamDirk Somers and Wolfram Winter
  • LocationAntwerp
  • Year2016 - 2017
  • ClientFlanders Architecture institute
  • PhotographyStijn Bollaert
  • In collaboration withGravo contractors