Costa, a new beacon of light on Sint-Andries Square.

Opening up the hangars as a public passage

An enfilade of chambers as a multifaceted agora

A green artery between Sint-Andries square and Kloosterstraat



How can we consolidate coStA as the pounding heart of the Sint-Andries neighborhood, with room for encounters, culture, (re)creation and sports  and at the same time fulfill the urban ambition of a green vein? The hangars possess an enormous potential as genius loci. Releasing them as public space creates a generous and characteristic space that joins urban life. Stacking is the strategy to preserve the hangars and minimize the footprint. Only two theaters and a multifaceted space are located on the ground floor. The backstage and ballroom are situated on top. Between an amalgam of existing and new spaces, the inner agora emerges as a social and functional connecting enfilade. It is a sequence of majestuous rooms, each with their own character. The agora serves as a foyer, library, coffee corner, reception, exhibition space, orangery, living space, …
We strategically take away pavement and create city gardens. Thanks to these green injections, an uninterrupted green artery is created between Sint-Andries square and Kloosterstraat.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Carole Boeckx, Myrthe Geelen, Matthis Adam, João Baptista & Andreas Hede Dahlgaard
  • LocationSint-Andries
  • Year2023