We design a building that is both robust and transparent.

Like an open bunker.

The building's solid appearance provides it with confidence despite its relatively small scale.

A welcoming yet bullet proof reception area

The office floor at the back, adjacent to the garden, opens up to the surroundings.

The interior is at the same time dynamic, colorful and warm.

Chipboard is framed within stud frames of poplar

The bathroom and dressing rooms

District Office Police

Antwerp Left Bank

Ground floor

First floor


The new police station is robust and transparent at the same time. This is in line with the police’s wish to create a building that is both accessible and safe.

Two larger spaces dominate the building, shielded behind thick walls, but also open onto their surroundings with large windows and prominent entrances. The reception hall is open to the street and provides the public with information. The landscape office at the back, a shared working environment for the police staff, has large windows facing the garden.

We introduce colours and warm materials to avoid a sterile office environment; professional requirements such as bullet proofing and running time are of equal importance as transparency and atmosphere.

Along the rear we provide a green backyard that overlooks the landscape. By framing the backyard between the carport on the one hand and new trees on the border with the fire brigade site on the other, the office space enjoys a pleasant perspective on the landscape.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Myrthe Geelen, Carole Boeckx, Sander Laureys, Ciaran Scanell & Matilde Everaert
  • LocationAntwerp Left Bank
  • Year2022
  • ClientAG Vespa
  • PhotographerFilip Dujardin