The kindergarten merges with the curved morphology of the street.

The frayed character of the rear side of the kindergarten.

The tectonic expression of the elevations is designed as a stack, with a certain toy like playfulness.

Detail of the brickwork made of colored concrete blocks.



Ground floor plan of the building amidst a typology of deep plots.

First floor

The building of the kindergarten interweaves in the morphology of the street. The building tries to fit in with the existing row houses. The facade bends with the curvature of the street and connects to the adjacent building on both sides. The kindergarten consists of 2 floors and fits in height between the other houses in the street. The facades in the street are characterized by traditional masonry within which architectural elements are stacked. This is repeated in a contemporary way at the school.
The extension of the primary school links up with the existing building at the location of the stairwell. The classes are located on the ground and first floors. The new volume also creates a new entrance to primary school. The primary school remains slightly lower than neighbouring existing school. The rhythm in the facade is completely taken over from the existing school. The masonry then searches for connections to the surrounding buildings.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Joni Nieuwenhuysen, Reinaart Vandersloten & Henk Jan Imhoff
  • LocationEdegem
  • Year2012 - 2017
  • ClientAG Real Estate and the community of Edegem
  • ProgramKindergarten: 8 classes, refectory, gym, staff areas and partly covered playground. Primary school: 4 classes, partly covered playground and bicycle shed
  • PhotographyStijn Bollaert