The main road through Schoten. We propose to interpret the new police station as an intermediate figure between the central square and the parking lot of the supermarket.

Open axonometric of the building.

The canopy sustains the public character of the building.

The Police station as an angle to the public space.

The facade as a tectonic stack of concrete blocks. Brass reveals and oregon windows cheer up the concrete.

View onto the skywalk connecting all 4 atria. A transparant yet solid building.

A fragment of a panelled wall.

View of the office space: Night cooling dictates the detailing.

Police Station


Front and back elevations

Ground floor

First floor

Cross and longitudinal section

The Police Station designed for the municipality of Schoten is a study in informality and approachability. It places itself at the service of public space. The L-shaped building is pushed back to the rearmost edge of the large plot available and helps to define a new square. When entering the building, you walk into a space dominated by two atria, visually linked to each other. One atrium is accessible to the public and contains an open reception desk, the other is in use as a staff canteen. The atmosphere of openness is further enhanced by a footbridge visible to visitors and with numerous views onto workplaces. The choice of materials helps to create informality. High-grade materials have been avoided, everything has been built from concrete blocks and wood. A saving has also been made on technical installation: the ambient indoor conditions are regulated via natural ventilation and night cooling.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Pieter Eeckeloo, Erik WieĆ«rs, Sarah Poot, Peter Wils, Annelien Grandry & Christoph Van Boxtel
  • LocationSchoten
  • Year2002 - 2008
  • ClientCommunity of Schoten
  • PhotographyFilip Dujardin