The Stuivenberg site is turning into a public, multifunctional park.

The large central courtyard garden is intended for intensive and versatile use.

The new 'Rue Extérieure' forms a series of multifunctional outdoor rooms with a view of the park.

The new pergola structure is a revival of the original 'walking bridges'. Thanks to this structure, the inner garden can be closed easily and beautifully. In addition, the covered outdoor area is suitable for sports, meeting and culture.

View from the new 'walking bridge' on the new courtyard. A shallow pond is being constructed on the site of the former chapel.

In various places along all edges of the park, square spaces are provided outside the actual fence, the 'berceaux'. These spaces are generous urban gestures and accessible 24/7.

An impression of the berceau at Boerhaaveplein, with integrated sports fields for basketball and a spacious gate.

The new structures at the roundabouts.

Reconversion of the Stuivenberg site


A landscape park with landscaped courtyards

Corner Lange Beeldekensstraat/ Pesthofstraat - entrance

Boerhaavestraat - skatepark

Boerhaavestraat - entrance, sports facility

Pothoekstraat - entrance and recycle center

The Stuivenberg site is turning into a public, multifunctional park. The entire site will have the character of a cohesive landscape park with varying degrees of openness, opening times and atmospheres.
As the spatial carrier of the development, we are designing a new rue extérieure, an open, covered access system inspired by the original galleries. The rue extérieure provides access to the entire building structure in every construction phase and makes the entire complex accessible to the public, flexibly divisible and inviting. It forms the public backbone of the park and buildings and is also the main ‘logo’ of the reconverted hospital. All functions have their address on this gallery.
The design of the site as a landscape park with landscaped inner gardens adds a generous, large scale to the very dense neighbourhood. The new path structure makes the park accessible to everyone and connects with the rue extérieure. The newly added volumes and the redesigned connecting elements make the monumental ensemble readable again.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Casper Pasveer, Myrthe Geelen, Jakub Srnka, Fabian de Vriendt, Irene Feria, Alex Turner & Franky Larousselle
  • LocationLange Beeldekensstraat 267, 2060 Antwerp
  • Year2022-
  • In collaboration withKorteknie Stuhlmacher architects, BOOM landscape and Architectural office Sabine Okkerse