Axonometric view I

Axonometric view II

Axonometric view III

The exterior of the reception building in Berchem.

Recycling Square in Berchem


The recycling parks are being conceived as essential public spaces, as squares where people gather not just to dump waste but also to exchange objects.

The new Antwerp recycling parks were conceived as moments of clarity around the periphery of the city. Each facility is designed as a recycling square with low-level skips arranged beneath elevated visitor plateaus. In addition to a reception building and a canopied sorting area, the third element is a signalling mast for each container. The combination of building, canopy and masts clearly define the square as an urban space. Expressive, industrial materials establish a workmanlike common denominator for these three key components. Rapid building blocks, grey concrete, pine planks and galvanised steel form the building blocks of the park in a playful way. Monochrome accents emphasise the clarity of the composition.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Merijn Muller & Peter Wils
  • LocationAntwerp
  • Year2012 -2018
  • PhotographyKarin Borghouts