Development plot Agfa Gevaert


Study for Vanhaerents Real Estate Developers

Design team: Dirk Somers, Pieter Eeckeloo

A derelict industrial compound in the periphery of Antwerp, in beween an old railway slope and a former fortification.

An enormous building block.

The building block contains industry, row houses, and workshops.

The site is part of a sequence of ancient fortifications. All of these forts have been turned into recreational areas in the past decades. Moreover, all these forts have a complement of greenery adjacent to them, which extends their importance.

The limits of the AGFA site in relation to the slope and the fort.

A relation beween both green infrastructures is desirable. This will have to be combined with a residential development.

We draw inspiration from the garden city components of the surrounding, principally the typology of the green.

We propose to develop the green connection by a sequence of closes: a set of enlarged greens with a more public character than the existing ones.

We start out by making an offset from the edge of the site. The offset is larger along the side where industry remains.

The scheme develops by adding entrances on all possible sides. The entrances are characterized by a wide front and a more narrow gate.

2 additional narrowings provide a sequence of clearly defined spaces with a stronger hierarchy.

Every green room has a large public garden in its centre. To the street the whole is made visible by wide front gardens.

More solid and higher buildings for the narrowings generate consistency and repetition to the sequence.

The edge buildings mix row houses and apartments buildings. The long sides contain row houses with gardens. Apartment buidlings are situated in the corners.

Parking is organized under the narrowings.

Every green room is accessed by car through a dead end knot. A bicycle route winds through the whole.

Overall view of the scheme.

Reference images for the greens.

A conceptual image showing the desire to specify every room.

Names for every room.

View into the forthof.

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