Fibonacci’s skyscraper

Competition design for a residential tower in the New South area, Antwerp, in collaboration with Hild und K Architekten commissioned by Triple Living and the city of Antwerp.

Design: Dirk Somers, Merijn Muller, William Burgess and Wolfram Winter

In our search for a monumental order we have mixed practical reflections with tectonic principles.

We would like to design an urban tower, which is clearly stacked and thus expresses an architectural logic. But we also want a flexible system, in which it is easy for the developer to offer different types of outdoor space and winter garden.

By projecting step-by-step in the main street, an enigmatic and sculptural moment arises at a crucial place in the plan.

Within the fa├žade system there is room for a multitude of outdoor spaces. There are double-, triple- and five-double height loggias of varying depths in which terraces and winter gardens can be provided.

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