Recycling park, Anderlecht

Competition entry for the design of a recycling park in Anderlecht.

Design: Dirk Somers, Wim Boesten, Axel Chevroulet and Mayuri Paranthahan

The Brussels Canal area is a unique surrounding with a very distinct character.

It offers an exciting mix of urban and industrial features. Hangars with saw-tooth roofs and houses stand side by side.

Peter Fischli & David Weiss, ‘First Blush Of Morning’, 1984

Siteplan 1/500

Plan ground floor 1/200

Plan level +5m

The shape of the recycle square is a result of the angle made by the canal and the railway tracks.

The recycling square is conceived as a balcony along the canal.

The containers are behind the square.

The offices and dressing rooms are inside the truss, on the first floor.

The steel triangle is carried by a couple of concrete columns. A rubber tyre as capital.

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