Social housing in Antwerp


Competition entry for Woonhaven

Design team: Dirk Somers, Merijn Muller, Peter Wils, Pieter Eeckeloo

A plot along a connecting road in Merksem, just across the main church. A plot for social housing, 11 units in total.

Merksem: a district with a mixed past; a blend of the bucolic, the industrial and the peripheral. Under the mousy image of Merksem traces of this past are concealed.

The informal rusticity of historical Merksem.

The industrial Merksem.

We propose a figure which is held together by a private alley that connects the main road to the back street. The alley's axis is centered on the church spire.

Ground floor plan: all front doors are situated in the alley.

First floor plan: outdoor staircases animate the alley.

Elevation along the busy connecting road. The alley lies hidden the facade.

A bit like the alley that runs through the Vigevano church facade.

The same elevation again. An expression of structure and infill like old factories had.

Or like Perret loved it.

Facade on the Geyselstraat. A projection of the interior to the outside.

Facade on the back street: the outdoor staircase escapes the alley for a moment.

Facade along the alley. Balconies are combined with outdoor staircases.


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