Weekend house in Bazel


Weekend house in Bazel

Designteam: Dirk Somers, Markus Stolz and Rutger Brouwers

This compact weekend house is built on a slope in the rural area of the Scheldt. The shape of the bungalow follows the natural topography of the site.

From the front door, a walkway leads through the house to the upper living spaces. Platforms line the route, which provide access points to the bedrooms and auxiliary areas.

On the south side, a sheltered "outside room" is designed adjacent to the living room and the spacious corridor. The "outdoor room" is closed in by a garden wall, without a roof..

It is a house that is both heavy and light. The graphic treatment of the facades lends a weightless appearance to the masonry, thereby creating the illusion that the building is draped across the incline.

The large stones have a playful feel. The exterior is painted black, the terrace is a naturally red and the interior is white.

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