Refurbishment, Antwerp


For vzw Ciso

Design team: Dirk Somers, Annelien Grandry

Contractor: de Sleutel

Photography: Tom Verstraeten

An elementary refurbishment of a small house in peripheral Antwerp.

A small house with a wide facade. Five new windows.

Floor plans are left unaltered. We just add a window to the yard.

And one room on the first floor is turned into a bathroom.

The second floor.

The building as a doll house: every room a little bit different.

Entrance to the house.

A new floor in the sitting room.

A new window to the yard.

A new window to the yard.

Onto the kitchen.

A witty IKEA kitchen in disguise.

The stairs to the first floor.

The bathroom.

A bedroom.

Another bedroom.

Walls are too thin to fit in electricity.

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