Renovation of a row house in Antwerp

Renovation of a row house in Lovelingstraat, Antwerp

For Rika Devos and Sebastiaan van Steenberge

Design: Dirk Somers and William Burgess

Photographs: Filip Dujardin

The missing figuration of the interiors are restored by constructing new figurative elements: the plaster wainscoting, the oak studwork wall, the steel truss, the I-beam, the folded timber screen and the curved tiled wall.

By removing the wall supporting the stairs a larger hallway is created allowing more daylight to enter the house.

The kitchen has been moved from the back of the house to the centre and is visible from the hallway through internal glazing.

At the rear of the house a new garden room is made with a draped timber roof creating a light and elegant domestic atmosphere.


On the first floor the room to the rear of the house is opened up to the staircase changing the spatial experience of ascending the stairs and a timber screen hides small rooms behind it.

First floor

A new bathroom is made around a curved tiled wall on the second floor of the house.

Second floor

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