Residential care centre, Ostend

A residential care and service complex with 98 rooms, 5 assisted living apartments and environmental design in Ostend.

In collaboration with Landinzicht, landscape designers.

Design: Dirk Somers, Wim Boesten, Valerie Van de Velde, Vera Bannwart and Jan-Paulus Hoogterp

Photos: Filip Dujardin

When designing the residential care centre we wanted to contribute to the success of the masterplan of Park de Nieuwe Koers.

Our approach was to enliven recharge the passage underneath the residential care centre, instead of cycling along a large building, you ride right through it.

Furthermore, the front facade is lifted along the street side, creating visibility towards the green courtyard.

The large courtyard containing artwork by Leon Vranken.

The building itself is conceived as an enfilade of moments, offering the residents an animated passage.

These moments arise from variation on a consistent visual language, materiality and colour choice.

The corridors on the first floor are equipped with five resting places, ranging from a bench to a spacious sitting area overlooking the garden.

The materiality suggests domesticity.

The loop on the upper floors provides changing views to the street, the inner courtyard and the park behind.

Park ‘De nieuwe koers’ at the backside of the building.

The restaurant acts as an independent ground floor pavilion, which carefully positions itself between the buildings on the street and the recreational area of the Nieuwe Koers.

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