Shelter, Hoeilaart


For the ministry of  Flemish governement, Department Bos en Groen, Marcel Vossen

Design: Dirk Somers

Photography by Filip Dujardin and Sarah Michielsen

An old nursery garden is situated at an open spot on the edge of the Sonian forest.

A number of little picturesque buildings are arranged alongside the upper edge of the sloping ground of the nursery garden.
This characteristic environment should be completed with a shed for the forest rangers of the Sonian Forest.

The large volume containing storage, workplaces and office spaces is not easily reconciled with the site. A number of basic treatments see to the fact that the shed relates its own scale to the characteristics of the environment.

A plane is cut out out of the slope.

The asymmetrical section of the shed provides for the incorporation of the sloping area of the site. The symmetrical profile of the archetypical shed is pulled down: a low long roof side alongside the slope and a high short side alongside the forest.

The high side of the shed is partially dug into the ground to reduce the size of the volume. A laminated beam every 5,40m.

Smaller spaces fit in on the low side.

The solid form of the roof is emphasized by letting the roof subside each other bay.

The step-like profile of beam and reverse beam poses itself at the south side as a volume with five majestic dormers; at the north side it becomes a sculptural volume with four cutouts with skylights.

The south facade.

The articulated form conforms itself to the adjoining buildings.

The whole building is clad with black-painted, broad and narrow, pinewood planks.

The whole building is clad with black-painted, broad and narrow, pinewood planks.

The east wing brought one bay inside ward. As such a wide narthex arises as a gesture to the public domain. The shed as a blind box is broken open. A glimpse of the chipboard interior can be caught.

Interior of the hangar with skylights to the north.

The officespace.

The kitchen.

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