A flexible structure

Pictures of the simulated infill showing the different entities designed in function of the specific needs.

Image by Sannah Belzer.

View of the large single story buildings around a central heath. Image by Sannah Belzer.

A Large Care Home


Site plan

Ground floor infill

This design for a care home for people with mental or physical disabilities in Gierle (Lille) takes an empathetic approach towards the residents’ universe. It is a nod towards their experiences and a reflection on their sensibilities. The overarching principle is that of sensitivity. The immediate surroundings—everything that can be seen, touched or heard—take centre stage. Typological research steered our decision to focus on the individuality of the group, meaning that the quality of the infill is more important than the shape of the building. This led to the idea of the ‘care shed’: a neutral area that offers the highest possible levels of flexibility and efficiency. The supporting structure has been minimised in those areas where the most adaptability is required. Large trusses free the building from load-bearing walls and columns. The landscape design is focused on perspective. 

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Pieter Eeckeloo, Valerie Goorden, Eline Aerts and Isabel Dedeurwaerdere
  • LocationGierle
  • Year2009
  • ClientGouverneur Kinsbergen vzw
  • StatusCompetition