Housing Development and New Thoroughfare


Site plan

Elevation along the thoroughfare

Floor plans

Floor plans

This large building block in Tervuren has a beautiful park at its heart. Our aim is to make maximum use of the greenery by minimizing the footprint of the buildings. The design is split into two volumes, each one of which has a head facing the park. This creates a central green area that connects to the private gardens within the block. The architecture of the two buildings strengthens the park-like character. In the centre, we have designed two park towers with an organic appearance. The facades are green, both in a literal and figurative sense, so that they become one with the park/garden. By creating the visual impression that the buildings are hovering, the park continues under the volumes. The delicate design of the terraces contributes to the idea of a garden.

  • Design teamDirk Somers, Merijn Muller, William Burghess & Federica Altobelli
  • LocationTervuren
  • Year2019
  • StatusCompetition
  • In collaboration withBjorn Gielen, Landinzicht landscape architects